Thursday, March 5, 2009


"Slightly Shady" by Amanda Quick

The scene is set in the evening previous to these exchanged notes. The business partners had lost their most promising client and somewhat inadvertently experienced a slightly intimate (or more than slightly) in the back of a carriage.

Of course the very masculine business partner is more than happy with regards to this intercourse and can barely seem to get his mind off it.

The next morning, the lost client attends Lavinia's (the widowed main character) house to re-hire her for further work which is following by Lavinia requesting the renewed assistance of her male counterpart.

Dear Sir:
I have been offered a new commission from our former client, who wishes us to continue making inquiries on her behalf... Are you at all interested in resuming your position... for the purpose of continuing on in this affair?

To which he responds:

Dear Mrs. L.,
Rest assured I will be delighted to assume whatever position suits you in this affair of ours, madam.

Delectable. That's what it is... No ifs, ands or butts about it. ;)


"Affair" by Amanda Quick

He regarded her with a thoughtful expression and did nothing to hide the flames in his eyes... "Well I trust you enjoyed the tool that you used so very effectively less than an hour ago in my laboratory, Miss Arkendale. I assure you, that particular length of iron has never been so well heated in such a small, warm crucible."

What can I say? ;)... Delicious!

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